touch i.d.s as moons and cells

For these works, I was living in a small apartment in Italy where I was teaching painting for a semester. Without my usual large studio, I was confined to painting in a small second bedroom, and since it was a furnished rental apartment, I couldn't even move the bed out of the room, which left a space for painting of about 6 x 6 feet.

I was thinking about the touch i.d. on my cellphone and on computers, and imagining the virtual image produced when we pressed down. Along with inky fingerprints, I saw phases of the moon and even black and white grainy radiology pictures of cells.

I began these simple small paintings, each one a little different from the last, each one marking an individual self, but also perhaps a giant distant object in the cosmos or a filmic microorganism too small to see. It's awe inspiring to think about the sheer magnitude of what's around us and how a single shape or form can be shared by vastly different objects, where one contains the echoes of the other.

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