curriculum vitae


 e  d  u  c  a  t  i  o  n

San Francisco Art Institute , M.F.A. in Painting, 1989.

The Whitney Museum Of American Art, Independent Study Program, 1984-85.

San Francisco Art Institute, B.F.A., 1983.

University of California at Berkeley , Graduate Program in Comparative Literature (Ancient Greek, English), 1980-81; U.C. Regents Fellowship.

University of California at Berkeley, BA. in Comparative Literature (English, Spanish, Italian), 1979.


a  c  a  d  e  m  i  c    a  f  f  i  l  i  a  t  i  o  n  

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, 1999-present
Associate Professor
Director of Painting

School of Art
College of Visual and Performing Arts

e  x  h  i  b  i  t  i  o  n  s

Oct - Dec, 2019, , Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery,Take Nothing for Granted Tucson, AZ

Sept - Dec, 2019, Katzen Museum, American Unversity, Moves Like Walter, New Curators Open The Corcoran Legacy Collection, Washignton, DC

Sept-Oct 2018, Longview Gallery, (Solo), An Alternative to Logic,  Washington, DC

April-May 2014, Longview Gallery, (Solo), Holes in the Snow, Washington, DC

June 2012, Wilmer Jennings Gallery, In Unison, New York, New York

December 2011, Carriage Trade Gallery, Social Photography II, New York, New York

January 2011, Kreeger Museum, In Unison, Washington, DC

Dec 2010- Jan 2011, Longview Gallery, (Solo), Washington, DC

Sept - Nov 2010, National Institutes of Health (solo), North Gallery, Bethesda, MD 

Oct 2007 - Jan 2008, Paula Crawford Paintings , 505 9th Street, Washington, DC, EfronArt

Nov 2006,  U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan, American Abstractions, ART in Embassies Exhibition.

Sept-Nov 2005,  Emerson Gallery (Solo), McLean Project for the Arts , curator, Nancy Sausser , McLean, VA.

Feb-March 2005,  Corcoran Gallery of Art, WPA/Corcoran Auction Exhibition, Washington, D.C., Curator Sally Troyer.

Feb 2005-May 2007,  Women’s Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, Faces of the Fallen.

June 2004,  Flashpoint, Anonymous, Washington, D.C.  

July 2003,  Gallery Alba, Object Minimal, Flint Hill, VA.

Feb-April 2003, Mexican Cultural Institute, Fission/Fusion: contemporary art from Mexico and USA , Washington, D.C. An exhibition of six artists from Mexico and six from the U.S.

Nov. 19, 2001, La Muestra de Cortometrajes y Documentales de Artistas, parte de la Binacional Arte Paraguay-Americano, Asunción, Paraguay.

Oct-Dec 2001, Exposición Binacional Arte Paraguayo-Americano, Asunción, Paraguay.

August 1999, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Motetes, Solo exhibition, Lima, Peru.

May-June 2000,  Emerson Gallery, McLean Project for the Arts, Strictly Painting III, Curator Terrie Sultan, Director of the Art Museum of the University of Houston.

June 2000, Arlington Art Center, Curator: Eileen Mott, Curator of the Virginia Museum of Art,

July-Aug. 1999, Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, Ohio, Chance + Necessity, Curator Power Boothe.  

June 1999, Columbia Festival of the Arts, Columbia MD, Chance + Necessity.

April- May 1999, McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA , Chance + Necessity.

Jan-Feb. 1999,  Boyden Gallery, St. Mary’s College of Art, Chance + Necessity,  Maryland.
Nov ‘98- Jan ‘99,  Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Chance + Necessity.

Nov ‘98-Jan ‘99, Goya Girls, Baltimore, MD. Exhibition of Prints.

Sept-Nov 1998, Emerson Gallery, McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA, Strictly Painting. Curated by Andrea Pollan.

Nov-Dec1998,  Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Md.

Oct 1998,  Corcoran Gallery of Art, WPA/Corcoran Auction Exhibition.

June 1998, Troyer Fitzpatrick Lassman Gallery, Washington, D.C.,

March-April 1998,  George Mason University Gallery, Fairfax, VA, Paula Crawford and Ed Bisese.

Oct-Dec 1997,  Numark Gallery, Remote Sensing, Washington, D.C. Four abstract painters: Paula Crawford, W.C. Richardson, Robin Rose, and Christopher French.

September 1996,  Troyer Fitzpatrick Lassman Gallery, Recent Paintings (Solo), Washington, D.C.

Oct-Nov 1996,  Corcoran Gallery of Art  (with the W.P.A.), Washington, D.C., METAmorphosis.

December 1995,  Joyce Goldstein Gallery, The New 13, New York, NY.

June 1992,  Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY, Point of View, Curated by Daniel Cameron, Curator of the New Museum, NY, NY.

August 1989,   Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY, 20 Artists.

November 1987,  Time Square Light Board “Message to the Public,” The Story of Acteon, New York, NY.  
January 1987,   ArtCulture Resource Center (A.R.C.), Silent Tales, Toronto, Ontario, Silent Tales.

September 1986,  Franklin Furnace, New York, N,Y, Sculpture/Text.

May 1985,  The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY, ISP Exhibition.

March 1985,   Four Walls, Hoboken, New Jersey, Alternative Discourses.

August 1984,  San Francisco Civic Center, San Francisco Art Festival.

Feb-March 1984,  Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco, Artists Call Show.

February 1984,   Emmanuel Walter Gallery, San Francisco, Fresh Paint.

October 1983,   Fido Gallery, Sacramento, CA, Five Emerging San Francisco Artists.

b  i  b  l  i  o  g  r  a  p  h  y

Nov 14, 2019    Refugees by Land and Sea, Margaret Regan, Tucson Weekly, Arts @ Culture, November 14, 2019, featured artist in review.

publication: ART PULSE, No 33/ Volume 10/ Year 2019/, Making is Critique, Looking is Critique, Dialogue is Critique, pages 18; 58-61 (This was an article written about critique published in Art Pulse with co-author Kendall Buster)

Oct 14, 2018                  Washington Post review, An Alterntive to Logic, Mark Jenkins

January 14, 2011            Washington Post, Michael O’Sullivan.

October 2009                  National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center NEWS, p. 4. 

Nov 2006                       Exhibition Catalog, U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan, American Abstractions, ART in   Embassies Exhibition.

September 2005              Exhibition Catalog, Paula Crawford, Emerson Gallery, McLean Project for the Arts.

September 2005              Exhibition Essay by Nancy Sausser, Curator, Emerson Gallery, McLean Project for the Arts.

Summer 2003                 DC ARTS ALIVE, Television Documentary on exhibition Fission/Fusion: artists from Mexico              and USA, Jose Dominguez.

March 1, 2003    Washington Post, Michael O’Sullivan.

March Issue 2003         The InTowner, At The Museums , Anthony L. Harvey.

February 2003     Catalog Essay by Gabriela Molina , Curator, Mexico, D.F., Mexico.

November 20, 2001    Diario abc Color, Arte y Espectaculos, En el CCPA se exhiben trabajos audiovisuales.

November 19, 2001    
Diario abc Color, Arte y Espectaculos, Inician muestra de cortos en el CCPA.

November 10, 2001    
Diario abc Color, Arte y Espectaculos, Materiales audiovisuales se exhibiran en el CCPA”.

November 2, 2001         El Comercio Paraguayo, Cien obras de Arte Binacional.

October 31, 2001   
Diario abc Color, Arte y Espectaculos, Abrirán la muestra de arte paraguayo-norteamericana.

October 31, 2001         La Nación, Primera Muestra de Arte Binacional.

October 29, 2001   
Diario abc Color, Arte y Espectaculos, Inauguraron muestra que continuará en el CCPA.

November 2001    Catalogo para la Exposición Binacional Paraguayo-Americano, Felix Álvarez,  curadora Vicky Torres, y Osvaldo González Real, Viceministro de Cultura.

June 2000    Catalog essay by Aileen Mott, Curator of the Virginia Museum of Art, for AAC.

June 1999     Catalog essay by Terrie Sultan, Director of the Art Museum of the University of Houston, for Strictly Painting.

Dec. Issue, 1999        ArtNews, City Focus,  Ferdinand Protzman.

August 13,1999     El Comercio, Un Juego de Orden y Caos , Feature article on Paula Crawford and solo exhibition at Instituto Cultural in Mira Flores, by Jose Gabriel Chueca.

August 1999    Catalog Interview with Phyllis Rosenzweig, Associate Curator of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Catalog for Motetes, Instituto Cultural Peruano NorteAmericano.

Dec. 1, 1998     The Baltimore Sun, Review of Chance and Necessity at Maryland Art Place, Baltimore. MD .

November 1998    Robert Edelman, Catalog essay for Chance + Necessity Exhibition.

November 1998        Power Boothe, Catalog essay for Chance + Necessity Exhibition.

October 1998        WPA/Corcoran Gallery of Art, Auction catalog.

September 1998    Emerson Gallery, McLean Project for the Arts, Strictly Painting Catalog.

June 18, 1998    Washington Post, Canvas of Change , Ferdinand Prozman.

November 13, 1997    Washington Post, ‘Remote’: Talent Close at Hand, Ferdinand Prozman.

November 1997    WETA Television, Around Town, Review of Remote Sensing.

Nov/Dec Issue 1997    Articulate Contemporary Art Review, Interview.

October 1997    Colin Gardner, Catalog essay for Remote Sensing exhibition , Numark Gallery, Washington, DC.

October 26, 1997    Washington Times, Notable and New.

Oct/Nov Issue 1997        Washington Review, Interview.

October 1996    Corcoran Gallery of Art, METAmorphosis Catalogue, WPA/Corcoran,Washington, D.C.

Dec’96/Jan’97 Issue     Washington Review, A Conversation with Paula Crawford.

October 1996    Articulate Contemporary Art Review, Paula Crawford and Hsi Hsi Chen, Julie Nelson, Baltimore, MD.

September 14, 1996    Washington Post, Around Town, Sweeping Beauty , Ferdinand Prozman.

October 15, 1987    New York Public Art Fund Release, Public Art Fund Presents Paula Crawford at Times Square.

1987    New York Public Art Fund, Anniversary Edition Catalogue, New York.

Jan/Feb 1987        ArtCulture Resource Center (A.R.C.), Toronto, Ontario.

October 1987        Stroll Magazine, New York.

February 1987        Toronto Globe & Mail, Review, Toronto, Canada.

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The Critique Handbook, Kendall Buster and Paula Crawford, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006; .2nd ed. 2010, Chinese Tranlation, 2012


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